Weather Manipulation: We Want Answers [video] ~ October 15, 2018


Editor’s Note: Yes…the situation on Planet Earth is pretty intense, and getting more and more frantic. However, now is also the time to know where your heart is and how we all are able to control our vibrations.

So…Please know that although the storm is swirling, the best place to be is inside of yourself, that is inside the eye of the storm. There, it is calm and peaceful. Please read, consider where you want to BE right now, and…



It’s time we stopped avoiding the real terminology here. Forget the politically correct “geoengineering” and “weather manipulation”. What we are seeing in North America, but particularly in the USA is nothing short of DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

It needs to be addressed now as many people who were previously unaware of it have been apprised and they are pissed off.

People, pets and property have been decimated by man-made…

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