THE 25,000 – YEAR CYCLE – David Wilcock, Emery Smith & Corey Goode

THE 25,000 – YEAR CYCLE – David Wilcock, Emery Smith & Corey Goode

Universe’s Secret Official

The Precession of the Equinox – 25,920 years to complete the counter-rotating wobble, what is called “The Great Year”.  Everything in the solar system is undergoing this process, this much greater orbit around an unseen binary star, the “Black Sun” (?).

Jesus was teaching reincarnation.  Every religion used to teach reincarnation; it was stripped out of the sacred books to control people.  You will go to “karma” if you sin; you are going against the moral code of free will.

What is the point?  Yeshua (Jesus) ascended.  We CAN evolve into the next level of our being through EVOLUTION.  If we are READY, we go through a spontaneous change.

The Gods hid a message, a secret code, within the mythologies of the world, in 35 different cultures.  There is archeological evidence that extraterrestrials exist and have visited Earth for thousands, if not millions of years.

Recommended Book:  “Lost Star in Myth and Time”, Walter Cruttenden,

Editor’s Note:  I’ve read Walter’s book.  It’s great for understanding the energetic influences that affect our solar system and us.

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