How the Elites Hide Their Wealth in the British Medieval System of TRUST

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Post submitted by AIM4Truth Ulrich S.

New details on the BIG Ponzi debt scheme of the real ruling elite groups pop up in great documentaries.

AND it shows we are not alone and many who served within the system are not only ready to testify BUT did it already.

ONLY now these days I understood the “power house” as I watched these wonderful 3 documentaries go in depth into the hidden ruling power of the “British Crown” hand in hand with The City Of London – best described in the Spiders Web.

The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie

[Ulrich’s program notes:]
We have a vested interest in creating panic because then money will flow to climate science
There’s one thing you shouldn’t say and that is this might not be a problem
it is the story of how a political campaign turned into a bureaucratic bandwagon
37.55  MAGGIE the beast did it!

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