Adronis – 2019: The Year of Disclosure

Adronis – 2019: The Year of Disclosure

Your own inner workings that have been hidden behind the scenes will be exposed — government corruption, 9/11, alerts, and bulletins, TRUTH Pandora boxes.  You will see the pillars of the old regime crumbling to the ground, including Hollywood, certain courts (celebrities)… higher numbers of disclosures.  In 2019, you will see your internal government systems will be exposed.  This could be the Year of the Whistleblower, exposing top-secret programs, secret space programs, etc.  ET ships within our Solar System will be working behind the scenes.  There is still a lot of other types of disclosure, including pedophile rings, the Vatican,  Satanic rituals, etc.  It will ALL be disclosed.  Military tribunals…

Internal infrastructure is being rebuilt.  Will be more political trials, some public, some hidden.  More forms of arrests taken place on a mass level.  More information, revealing of Anartrica and advanced technology.  Further exposure to 9/11.

2019 is the YEAR of disclosure, all kinds.

The Galactic Federation will be removing the Dracos from your own star system.  Once they are completely removed, disclosure will happen more quickly.  2020 to 2024 will be more important for celestial disclosure, advanced technology, information about Mars, outer planets, etc.  All need to happen appropriately.

NASA and the European Space Agencies will be exposed.

2019 will be the year of Earth-based exposure/disclosure.  Mainstream media will also be exposed — stories that have NOT been revealed to the public.  CNN will be exposed, particularly.  The MSM will be unraveled.  We need to work together, to share what has been taking place in our own lives.  Share a lot of information in collective groups, promoting disclosure and exposure.

This will create a great deal of inner turmoil; it is a natural process during a time of change.  Bringing openness to situations that have been held back.



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