The Fullness of the New Moon!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


These days are crazy wild and so unpredictable!! Especially in the field of readings!! I cannot even fathom any long what may or may not show up. Yesterday, it was a dozy of a surprise. I truly expected to get nothing since it was the day of the new moon, but nope, each person that showed up added a detail to the whole of the system at hand. I drew you a super humble diagram of the way yesterday ended, visually (only tremendously prettier than I can create!!)

Power of New Moon 10.8.18

My first lady that showed up, I could see the new moon hanging just above the treetops directly over her center-field in my back yard. There was this gold cloud like formation that wrapped around the upper half of the moon. It wasn’t until a few readings, more added details later did I even come close to understanding what it was, a…

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