Or Is Life Just a Runaround? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, you would like to make sense at least once in a while.

What is the meaning of a moment in time when you’re told, in fact, that time doesn’t exist? How can a moment of time exist or seem to exist unless it does or doesn’t?

Who is asking all these questions and why? Where are you leading to, or who is leading you, and how will you ever know what is what or who is who? Who will know where you have been if you ever have really been anywhere anyway or anyhow? Who ponders all these questions, and who answers them? Does anyone know anything? Does anyone have a leg to stand on? How will anyone or anything lead somewhere or anywhere or nowhere, and who has the say?

If life is just a runaround, is there anything to it? Who can make up a…

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