Niara Terela Isley FB post 10-7-18… “What the Hell Happened at Gaia?”

Hmmm, never signed up for GAIA and now I never will…

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This FB post from Niara Terela (found via Jordan Sather’s FB). I do not know the detailos about what’s been going on at Gaia, nor have I been following any of the Gaia developments, but I am grateful to read about others’ perceptions and messages about what’s going on.

As a comment on the same post, Jordan Sather wrote… “Gaia’s current situation is an example of ego run wild within a corporation, and the backlash that the universe will always provide in that case. Ethics and morality will always triumph over greed. I am thankful I did not pursue the show they offered me earlier this year.”

“I really think that greed and the power to hold a major monopoly on the spirituality-consciousness-alternative health/wellness-disclosure-conspiracy theory market was what was driving them at the inception of their enterprise. They marketed themselves to people like David Wilcock [et al.] very successfully…

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