Incoming Wave

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Michael Bodewitz

As I entered my room Tuesday night after a long day of work I immediately noticed a presence in my room. My wife fast asleep I was aware of at least three of my Arcturian family present in orb form. I did not see them but knew they were in the room with me. I laid down in my bed and opened myself up to them waiting for a message or vision or something explaining their presence. Nothing. I fell fast asleep.
During the night I was tossing and turning like I usually do when things are going on in other dimensions. I remember waking and rolling over many times. Upon waking I remember knowing that I was doing something important with the Arcturians. Everytime I awoke in my mind I saw many Arcturian blue orbs present. Not only were there Arcturians but this time there was…

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