The One Thing I Know

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The one thing I know is that if ever I’ve felt alone, Nature assured me I had more friends than I could count.

Every bit of magick I believed in and experienced, She whispered reiteration of to me.

Every question I couldn’t understand, She unraveled the simple mystery of before me.

Every Cosmic connection I referenced that met with rolled eyes elsewhere, She clarified with no need to defend.

If lost, Nature reflects the Harmony that always Is.


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SARAH CARVALHO: “The Sun Walks With You”

Ascension Avatar

The Sun of the awakening consciousness is the Light in your walking. It lights your inner universe, your sight, your body, your life, your thoughts, your feelings. In its essence it is the pure expression of the Light.

Beyond the night, the Sun is always rising somewhere. Walk with it, It is always day — clear and awaken.

The shadow feeds from discord, from judgment and from every sensation of separation. The more it finds out that the sunlight is about to dawn its brightness within you, more it agitates to prolong the nocturnal period in your interior. In a direct or indirect way you begin to be surrounded by unbalanced thoughts that go through winding ways, and why not say liar ways, to arrive to conclusions also unbalanced and unfavorable to harmony that more look like sentences that your ego and the limits of your mind impose to yourself…

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Energy Update: High SOULar Winds Lift Veils To Remember Your Soul Purpose

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
For three days in a row, we’ve been experiencing high SOULar winds….up to 600 km/sec when normal is around 250 to 300 km/sec. These winds blow in geomagnetic frequencies and PLASMA from a HUGE coronal canyon-sized hole on our sun’s surface. I’ve been following the growth of this ‘hole to make us whole’ (as I like to call it) for the last year and it feels like it is getting more and more charged UP and powerful. We’ve been in this stream for days so you may be feeling it on your nervous systems….wired AND tired, and still maybe pains in the head and neck area as we integrate the opening of our ascension chakras (as I shared about yesterday).
Although these winds and recent spikes in Gaia’s frequency CAN feel intense on the body/heart/chakra levels, they are meant for the raising of our consciousness. They…

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Or Is Life Just a Runaround? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, you would like to make sense at least once in a while.

What is the meaning of a moment in time when you’re told, in fact, that time doesn’t exist? How can a moment of time exist or seem to exist unless it does or doesn’t?

Who is asking all these questions and why? Where are you leading to, or who is leading you, and how will you ever know what is what or who is who? Who will know where you have been if you ever have really been anywhere anyway or anyhow? Who ponders all these questions, and who answers them? Does anyone know anything? Does anyone have a leg to stand on? How will anyone or anything lead somewhere or anywhere or nowhere, and who has the say?

If life is just a runaround, is there anything to it? Who can make up a…

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The Fullness of the New Moon!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


These days are crazy wild and so unpredictable!! Especially in the field of readings!! I cannot even fathom any long what may or may not show up. Yesterday, it was a dozy of a surprise. I truly expected to get nothing since it was the day of the new moon, but nope, each person that showed up added a detail to the whole of the system at hand. I drew you a super humble diagram of the way yesterday ended, visually (only tremendously prettier than I can create!!)

Power of New Moon 10.8.18

My first lady that showed up, I could see the new moon hanging just above the treetops directly over her center-field in my back yard. There was this gold cloud like formation that wrapped around the upper half of the moon. It wasn’t until a few readings, more added details later did I even come close to understanding what it was, a…

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Operation Freedom

The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on President Trump’s 3 stage assault on the Deep State.   Check out for additional content!
Trump’s Three Stage Assault:
Return of Rule of Law with 5/4 Supreme Court
Hillary and Obama were funneling weapons through Benghazi to Turkey, to weaponize, fund, and train Isis.
Indictments, Huber will step to the plate and prosecute the high-level traitors, including John Brenner.

Did DEMS Really Oppose JBK? – Robert David Steele, Military Tribunals, Christine Blasey Ford – CIA Diversion Psyop, Swamp Arrests

Did DEMS Really Oppose JBK? – Robert David Steele, Military Tribunals, Christine Blasey Ford – CIA Diversion Psyop, Swamp Arrests

Victurus Libertas VLTV

MUST WATCH – Maybe our most CONTROVERSIAL INTERVIEW with Robert David Steele to date as Angie and I search for answers to some peculiar observations in regards to Christine Blasey Ford, the CIA, Military Tribunals, the Democrats and Judge Kavanaugh.

Brad’s Vlog – “Inner Disclosure”, 10.8.18

Brad’s Vlog – “Inner Disclosure”, 10.8.18

Brad Johnson – New Earth Teachings

In this vlog, Brad shares insight on letting out the personal disclosure within ourselves as we align to a world that is becoming more sensitive to personal and collective exposure.

Allow yourself to become more vulnerable…

Trillions Wasted on Scams, Waiting is Over, the Pain is About to Be Unleashed

Trillions Wasted on Scams, Waiting is Over, the Pain is About to Be Unleashed

X22 Report

Kavanaugh sends a message to the deep state, what comes around goes around. The Skripal case falls apart the CCTV does not show the two Russians at the scene of the crime. Trump wants all Chinese parts out of the US (they are compromised) and wants them produced in the US. Rebels surrender heavy weapons. Assad says the buffer zone is only temporary and Idlib will be with Syria once again. Q drops more bread, prepare for the pain because it is about to be unleashed. The deep state is trying to stop the declassification saying it shouldn’t be done because of national security. Over the years trillions have been wasted on wars, terror and it was all a deep state illusion. Now they have nowhere to run and its time.

The Red Communists of China wanted the U.S. to become a third-world country.  The only way to win a war against us was to weaken our military equipment, take our planes down, and destroy our country and people.  The Deep State wanted control; they didn’t care where they worked, where they hid.  Their ultimate plan was to control the whole planet.  They’re not going to give up the fight but will come out with numerous false flags against free countries.