SpaceX SAOCOM Satellite Launch October 7 [videos] ~ October 7, 2018


Editor’s Note: Signs of the times, my friends. This is a very interesting launch of what, a space rocket? For what purpose? Mighty interesting to make a space launch close to the time many are predicting for…? Fake alien invasion anyone? Just sayin…keep your eyes to the skies, and…



I have lost my comms on my mothership (Starship Earth: The Big Picture) so am posting this here. Interesting launch last night, if you believe that kind of thing.

This Russian video shows the up close and personal version.

The second video below is one vlogger’s opinion of what he saw. ~ CB

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Incredible Discoveries of Evidence That Show Real Giants Existed on Earth

Incredible Discoveries of Evidence That Show Real Giants Existed on Earth

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

Did you know there is evidence of Giants all over the world? When we go to Egypt there are tales of Giants having built the Pyramids, Even the followers of Horus were said to be an ancient race of Giants. There has also been the discovery of many oversized artifacts, no average size human could use these artifacts. It is clearly written in ancient texts that some rulers were 8 foot 6 inches tall.

Editor’s Note:  Present-day Sirians stand 7 to 8 feet tall; Pleiadians can vary from 5 ft to nearly 9 feet tall.  The giants of Maldek (Tiamat) were from 10 to 50 feet tall.  Make your own conclusions, do your own research.  There is a lot of things Earth humans do not know about their own pre-history and even history.


New Moon in Libra 8 October 2018 Make It So — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY — dreamweaver333


Originally posted on Blue Dragon Journal: The New Moon forms at 8:47 PM PDT of the 8th at 15 Libra 48; it’s notable that both Sun and most recently the Moon have swept over Ceres and remain at the New Moon point still conjoined, though swiftly moving away. This suggests relationship power balances have recently…

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Let us disengage from “wrap-up smears” and — let us, each of us, work to transform the entire zeitgeist —


If you wonder just how mainstream media operates as the main propaganda arm of deep state machinations, check this out: Seething Frog decodes Nancy Pelosi’s remarks last year that were referenced recently by Qanon. Gradually, little by little, more and more of us begin to wake up to how we’ve been collectively and massively conned.…

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Echoes of Old Earth (Pyramids in the Grand Canyon)

Echoes Of Old Earth (Pyramids In The Grand Canyon)


Did an ancient civilization live in caves below the Grand Canyon?
In the early 20th century, claims of such a discovery were made by two Smithsonian-funded archaeologists, who spoke of a thriving civilization tucked within a series of caverns carved into the side of a remote portion of the Grand Canyon.
What did the archaeologists find? What evidence did they bring back? Perhaps the most amazing suppression of all is the excavation of an Egyptian tomb by the Smithsonian itself in Arizona.

A lengthy front page story of the Phoenix Gazette on April 5, 1909, gave a highly detailed report of the discovery and excavation of a rock-cut vault by an expedition led by a Professor S.A. Jordan of the Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian, however, claims to have absolutely no knowledge of the discovery or its discoverers.

Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon?

Did an ancient civilization live in caves below the Grand Canyon? This is as vague a statement as wondering why some of the ancient Mesoamerican people depicted their gods as white men or the Olmec gods looked African. Stretching the imagination … perhaps whatever was found in the Grand Canyon caves discussed below, is linked to Ancient Alien Theory. It is interesting to speculate on ancient Egyptians or Tibetans flying to the Grand Canyon in Vimanas, but, to date, there is no tangible proof to support these claims.

Surf’s Up!

It was rather an education…one that many people would have preferred not to witness. However, it makes it crystal clear that these Demoncrats have no regard for rule of law, the Constitution, customs, culture, and or respect for others. I’m sure many Democrats are searching their own hearts now that they have seen the nasty Communist beasts unleashed in the halls of Congress itself.

Headlines With A Voice

The whole world is witnessing the “law of unintended consequences” in the cynical workings of the Democrat side of the U.S. Congress, particularly in the Senate.  Never in U.S. history have the American people received such a lesson on how the Supreme Court justice nomination process can be mangled and manipulated in order to sabotage a candidacy.


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Stop Your 3D Lessons

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black PhotoChanneled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s October 5, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at   You’re a new being with a need to live in joy. Worrying about others not living in their hearts is a waste of your energy for they’ll remain in chaos as you rebuild your world. There’s no need to envy others with money nor feel that poverty is your life for there is more than enough for all. The energies you devoted to vows of poverty, retaliation, and karma in 3D are no more.

“Just You” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

The past few months, you floated in and out of 5D while maintaining your 3D security and knowingness. A bit like moving from eighth grade to…

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