On October 4th Q asked, “Are you ready to see arrests? Are you ready to see pain? Are you ready to be a part of history?” Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells joins me to break down the latest and John says, “You’re GOING to see arrests. And then you’re going to see indictments. And then you’re going to see CONVICTIONS. They are scared to death.” Thanks for tuning Patriots! #WWG1WGA

Editor’s Note:  Well, folks, we have passed the cusp.  Mass arrests are now on the horizon.  Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court which now is leaning conservative after 70 years of liberal mismanagement as a super-legislative body, a blatant violation of the Constitution.  Okay, if you’re liberal… feel free to read someone else’s blog.  I didn’t vote for Trump, but I support his efforts to eradicate the corruption from our government.  As the Pleiadians say, “It is Time!”

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ Serve Self or Service to Other ~ October 6, 2018


By Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today with wonderful news. The Light Fleet is advancing quickly in on the forces of darkness. There are billions of Galactic ships positioned to remove the most problematic perpetrators of death and destruction from the earth. Each ship has specific directions about what to do and where to go. The destinations are perfectly timed and filtered through technology that allows us the advantage.

We hear the calling from the earth and from humanity for an end to the atrocities of the harsh way of life you have been living. We promise you this is our common goal. The damage has been done and there is no room for anymore. We have been granted permission to use whatever means are possible to achieve this goal. You can imagine how pleased we are to announce this.

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Wisdom, Dignity and Courage Shine Amidst the (Senate) Circus.

Sophia's Children

“The hateful, the aggressive, the truly, truly awful manner which with so many are acting now has got to end. This is not who we are. This is not who we should be. This is not who we raise our children to be.” ~ U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)

United States Senator Murkowski spoke those words in her speech on the Senate floor last night, in which she shared her reasoning for voting to oppose cloture for the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh — cloture being the procedural vote by which they end debate and move the issue to the floor for a formal (and final) vote.

Senator Murkowski had more to share, and it’s a timely, worthwhile, and maybe vital perspective … and one example of Islands of Sanity and Uncommon Skills in expression.

Going against her Party’s grain, the Senator said that she could not, in good conscience…

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You were Created-You Are Worthy


20170321_154613txt sind

The most important gift you can give yourself
Is quality time with yourself
The most important relationship you will ever have is between you and the Divine.
We are here to experience love with one another and through these relationships
To grow and evolve
But we must pay attention not to seek validation of ourselves within these relationships
Nor should we escape healing our own wounds while hiding within these interactions.
These relationships are of course very important for our growth
But we are never to overide the richest deepest and most important revelations we have while discovering ourselves as we open ourselves to the whispers of the Divine.
Relationships may have encountered painful conflict lately.
Whether or not these shall be resolved,
Trust Yourself,Your Journey and Your Guides and Angels who are with you All the way.Ask and Believe that which Aligns with your Higher Good Shall BE.

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The messenger of happiness

Love's beginning

All things are perfect and supposed to be here, even and especially if it doesn’t appear to be that way. If it appears in your experience, seemingly near or far, it is here to teach. When you remember that all things are one thing, then each thing is a call to remembrance in some way.

Everyone is playing a divine role. This includes you, in all your positive and negative aspects. This is why you are acceptable right now, in all of your positive and negative aspects. This is why you have always been not just acceptable, but truly and deeply loved for what you are. This is why the the same is true of every being in every dimension. This is why you have nothing to hide. This is why you have nothing to fear. This is why you have no need of judgment.

Sit in that space–that space…

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More Schumann/Gaia Spikes October 5-6: Are You Feeling Them?

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

More sustained periods of HIGHER frequency Gaia/Schumann resonance yesterday (October 5th) and today, October 6th…already!! As you can see from the graph, these spikes seem to come in around 14:00 or 2:00pm….I’m honestly not sure which timezone this particular graph is from as they measure from six different places in the world. Yet, the specific and exact timing seems to matter less as the vibration carries out in a non-linear way and you may feel it hours/days even weeks later.

As I am tuning into these fluctuations more and more in recent weeks (being guided to honestly, like Metatron has these graphs on a long scroll and is passing them in front of me to look at and study lol!)….I am feeling that this awakening activation works on a similar level as listening to high frequency music and sounds does on a regular basis. Raising our…

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EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT – October 5, 2018 (Fall of the Old)

EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT – October 5, 2018 (Fall of the Old)

Brad Johnson


The Earth Intelligence Report for Friday, October 5th, 2018.

Editor’s Note:  These weekly reports are a great behind-the-scenes peek.  The era of corruption is coming to an end.





Courtesy of Ascension Energies

Sophie Bashford – I want to tell you how much you are needed. This blessed abused and damaged earth, these people who walk on it with hearts closed in pain, judgement and dark thoughts of separation, the universe that is holding eternal visions of harmony, unity, peace and re-balance.  Please continue reading


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