[New post] Bizarre Cosmic Rays Are Shooting Out of Antarctica and Physicists Can’t Explain It ~ October 5, 2018


Editor’s Note: Scientists are puzzled by  the report of strange rays, but those of us in the spiritual community are not. We know that unexplainable events and circumstances will and are occurring on Earth that are part of the process for human evolution. How will we evolve?

Humanity is evolving through raising the vibrations of our mass consciousness which means holding better thoughts/feelings and emotions that lift us UP! Please read this article, know the best is yet to be, and…



Just over ten years ago, NASA-affiliated researchers set out to observe cosmic rays showering down on Earth from above. During the experiments in Antarctica, physicists found something unexplainable, something that could change everything we think we know about physics.

The Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) balloon experiment began in 2006 when the balloon spent a month hovering over Antarctica’s ice. Using sensors, ANITA began detecting high energy…

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