Why Am I Going Through Kundalini Again? And Spiritual Wildcards

The ascension process is like peeling onions…there are layers and spirals to it. The further inward you go the more come up for clearing mainly because you can handle it as you accept your inner strength and wisdom.


I finished my kundalini about a year and a half ago, but I am going through it again. I have allergies that I never had for 44 years acting up. I have never been a person that had seasonal allergies until 2012 when the wave of kundalini/ascension energy came through. I also didn’t have them the last 2 years but I have them again now. I asked why the allergies? I was told it was a way to release toxins from our system and it is also how our system can react to the high levels of ascension energy. Just like anything you have an allergic reaction too, your body will adjust and become immune to it. To help your body release the toxins faster soaking in a tub with epson salt will speed up the process. I am also drinking detox tea with fresh lemon and raw honey.


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