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Life has seemed more tranquil and joyful since Pluto stationed direct. I must confess that I had difficulty discerning the qualities of the various astrological energies over the summer. The sheer amount of activity, not to mention the incredible intensity of each additional event, left me doing my best just to ride the waves without fully understanding how and why each wave diverged from another.

The past few weeks I have been living with recurrent illness that had zapped my energy and resolve. During the middle of one sleepless night, my fragility of spirit petitioned Source to prove to me that I was not alone. I prayed one of those childish desperate prayers, something I thought I had outgrown long ago. The fatigue from illness along with a disappointing job search had left me close to despondency. I awoke the next morning to an email from an agency offering me…

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2 thoughts on “5D Snippet

  1. Can’t comment at Litebeing site as I don’t want to go onto social media… i.e. FB, Twitter, etc. so hope it’s okay that I comment here… “If only you believed like I believe…” Yes. Jefferson Starship, one of my all time favorites and it was “White Rabbit” that first caught my attention. In those days, “Count on me,” was serious, and so it is again. Love, B.

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