Data Brokers, Cyber Secrecy, and Digital Fascism – YOU are the Product

Patriots for Truth

Big Data analytics expert whistle blows on Acxiom and Palantir, identifies The Netherlands as another destination of America’s personally identified information, in addition to China. Acxiom was evasive in its answers.

Wooyung Lee, Eunji Jang, Joon Lee. (Jun. 28, 2017). Data-driven Modeling and Service based on Big Data Analytics and Perception Process, 18-2: 201-214, 2017 (ref. Acxiom, Palatir,Peter Thiel, Big Data). Journal of Cognitive Science, Seoul National University.

data drivendata brokersdata brokers 2palantirdata brokers 3big lieharvesting dataconclusions 2data broker 4Staff Report for Chairman Rockefeller. (Dec. 18, 2013). A Review of the Data Broker Industry: Collection, Use, and Sale of Consumer Data for Marketing Purposes. Office of Oversight and Investigations Majority Staff. U.S. Senate.

Senate failedData 1data 2data 3data 4data 5Acxiom data 1Acxiom data 2Acxiom data 3Acxiom social media.

socialist voters.JPGconclusion 3.JPG.

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