Energy Update: Schumann Spike For October 2

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By Jelelle Awen

Spike in Schumann/Gaia resonance frequency today!! (which you can see as the white section in the graph below)..You may have felt it in sleepiness, tiredness, being ‘out of it’ without necessarily a good reason why. I know that I did with surges of more energy and then just plain tired in moments only able to take in music and rest. These current spikes don’t seem to be connected to a geomagnetic storm or high SOULar winds. However, geomagnetic activity IS coming with high winds and plasma waves from coronal holes on October 4-5th and October 7-8th, according to

These surges in energy influencing Gaia’s vibration are becoming more common as Ascension continues. The period of time that they are lasting is getting longer too….into three and four hour long stretches and more. Just as OUR frequency is going through flux and changes into 5D, Gaia…

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Mexico and Canada get on board the Trump Train

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Are you tired of winning yet?


Twitter     Presidential Tweets



Oct 2, 2018 10:02:03 AM – Great reviews on the new USMCA. Thank you! Mexico and Canada will be wonderful partners in Trade (and more) long into the future.

Oct 2, 2018 09:52:52 AM – Happy 7th birthday to Tristan, a very special member of the Trump family!

Oct 1, 2018 07:50:23 PM – WOW – THANK YOU TENNESSEE!

Oct 1, 2018 07:37:49 PM – Thank you Tennessee – I love you!


Oct 1, 2018 07:25:44 PM –

Oct 1, 2018 07:08:26 AM – News conference on the USMCA this morning at 11:00 – Rose Garden of White House.

Oct 1, 2018 05:56:22 AM – Congratulations to Mexico and Canada!

Oct 1…

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Data Brokers, Cyber Secrecy, and Digital Fascism – YOU are the Product

Patriots for Truth

Big Data analytics expert whistle blows on Acxiom and Palantir, identifies The Netherlands as another destination of America’s personally identified information, in addition to China. Acxiom was evasive in its answers.

Wooyung Lee, Eunji Jang, Joon Lee. (Jun. 28, 2017). Data-driven Modeling and Service based on Big Data Analytics and Perception Process, 18-2: 201-214, 2017 (ref. Acxiom, Palatir,Peter Thiel, Big Data). Journal of Cognitive Science, Seoul National University.

data drivendata brokersdata brokers 2palantirdata brokers 3big lieharvesting dataconclusions 2data broker 4Staff Report for Chairman Rockefeller. (Dec. 18, 2013). A Review of the Data Broker Industry: Collection, Use, and Sale of Consumer Data for Marketing Purposes. Office of Oversight and Investigations Majority Staff. U.S. Senate.

Senate failedData 1data 2data 3data 4data 5Acxiom data 1Acxiom data 2Acxiom data 3Acxiom social media.

socialist voters.JPGconclusion 3.JPG.

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SES Operative Edith Ramirez Gave Approval for Social Scoring on U.S. Citizens

Patriots for Truth

She is an SES well-schooled operative: Wring one’s hands about the corruption, investigate it, then ignore the findings.

edith ramirezJust like FBI director James B. Comey laid out Hillary’s private email server crimes, then exonerated her, now we see that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) chair Edith Ramirez laid out the privacy-smashing crimes of “data brokers” like Acxiom controlled by Hillary Clinton, then did nothing to protect the Bill of Rights. (Oh, we’ll study it and dialogue further, you know … (Read: do nothing)).

Ramirez gave the FTC “all clear” for the SES/Hillary/Acxiom to engage in social scoring now implemented in China and already being used in the USA.

Edith Ramirez, Chairman. (May 01, 2013). Data Brokers – A Call for Transparency and Accountability. U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Ramirez 1

SES Plum Book, 2016, p. 157

S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland…

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Trump’s Boot is on the Deep State’s Throat – Operation Freedom

Trump’s Boot is on the Deep State’s Throat – Operation Freedom

Operation Freedom – Dr. Dave Janda

The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on the Declassification trigger which Trump is using to expose and take down The Deep State. Check all of our additional content at


Life on the Run | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, We speak from the depths of Our One Heart and Soul. There is nothing else to say, for We are One in Truth. There is no other to speak of.

True, there is a certain amount of blither and blather that goes on in the world. Take it with a certain grain of salt and a certain amount of common sense or nonsense, as the case may be.

You don’t want to pretend away life. You want the simple truth and nothing but the truth. You have had enough of tom-foolery in one form or another. You are sure you want no more of it. You want the real thing and to be finished with all the knock-offs and dithering-around.

For instance, so as it is seen in the so-called real world, someone in a uniform on Earth can arrest someone out of a uniform.

By the…

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Reversing Your Polarity ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are attempting to assist you all with the bridging of the gigantic gaps that you have on your world. We are talking about the gaps that exist between men and women, Democrat and Republican, haves and have-nots, members of a racial majority and members of a racial minority, religious differences, and even the feelings that you have about your birth nation and your ethnicities. We see you all polarizing yourselves against each other, and it is exactly what keeps you out of your power as a collective.

As a collective, you have so much more power when you are united. And so, we are seeking a way of helping you to remember what it was like before you started clinging to some aspect of yourself, or some belief, or set of beliefs. We are…

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How Many Layers of Life Have You Counted as Yet? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, opportunity is before you. You may find yourself at the beginning of a new era. In fact, this seems to be inevitable. You grow. You grow anew. Consider that you blossom. Be glad you blossom. Be glad you have a new spurt of consciousness. You are ever-growing. Opportunities to be greater than you were yesterday are before you. Growth of consciousness is happening.

You are someone who progresses. The physical may appear the same. No matter, you are a traveler in life. No one from the outside fully knows the landscape you travel.

I know. And you are always learning. There are the arenas in which you travel a mile a minute. There is consciousness.

Whatever may seem to occur in life, it is short-sighted to take on appearances at full value.

There is a reason for whatever occurs in life, and there is a reason for…

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Only a Few Will Ascend – David Wilcock, Corey Goode

Only a Few Will Ascend – David Wilcock, Corey Goode

Pineal Ascension

Editor’s Note:  This is my own contention given what I have observed after my walk-in.  Understandably, this opinion or understanding is not a popular one among most people who are aligned with the New Age Teachings.  Most of these folks do not want to do their own inner work but seek outside of them for verification, insisting on getting answers from without, and so on.

Corey gives interesting descriptions of his experiences.  Listen with an open mind and heart.  

The time will come when humans will ascend. Most will not and that is something to not be scared of but instead, be embraced as a challenge.