Line Cmdr. Sundeelia: Remembrance

sirian star ship

Sundeelia – Remembrance

Well, I suppose some people are interested in what I have to say about life here on Earth…from the perspective of a Pleiadian angelic.  And there are many who would challenge my assertion that I’m a walk-in rather than an incarnated Earth human.  To the latter, I say, whatever.  Your opinions mean nothing to me.  I know who and what I AM.

Outwardly life has been excessively quiet.  I was involved in a long-term project which has wound down for the time being, but which might spring to life at any moment.  All I can do is be patient.

On the inner clearing level, last Monday I reached another level of remembrance about the ancient galactic wars that some call the Orion Wars or Star Wars.  I now remember my three main lifetimes within that long ago period which echoes across time and space as you, my dear Earth humans, are in the midst of the final cleanup of that same war.  This was verified to me by two great Beings whom I trust and love, Lord Jychrondria and Lady Claudine, both kin from the Pleiades.

For those who are curious, you can access a short excerpt of my first lifetime in my short story, “Star Wars: The Last Patrol”,

Since writing “The Last Patrol”, I have learned more about that life and those who were a part of it.  In fact, I have met and now know of a few people who played important roles in that first lifetime on Sirius A.  One was my mate, another was my sister-in-law, and another was my as yet unborn child, who was posthumously born after my death in space.

To understand the trauma suffered by I and my family members during the initial start of that series of wars, you must come to an understanding of the beyond ancient culture of Sirius A.  For starters, you must understand that certain castes within the Sirian society still practice, to this day, the custom of “suttee”.  The British first encountered this practice in India among high caste Hindu, especially in the Hindu Indian states.  Where did this practice originate?  The Sirian star system.

Long ago, Lord Krishna and his Sirian people colonized the region of India.  The ancient customs of their homeworld became the new customs of this star colony.  The roots of East Indian civilization are very old, indeed.  At one time, most Indians had Sirian ancestry.  Many still do.

Suttee, Sanskrit sati (“good woman” or “chaste wife”), the Indian custom of a wife immolating herself either on the funeral pyre of her dead husband or in some other fashion soon after his death. Although never widely practiced, suttee was the ideal of womanly devotion held by certain Brahman and royal castes. Encyclopedia Britannica,

So… suttee, in India is now a forbidden practice, yet it remains an active practice on Sirius A.  The reason I have been given to understand is that when Sirians are born, they come in knowing their purpose and soul agreements for the present life.  The agreements include who they are to mate.  When the husband dies, whether from an accident, old age or in battle, the wife is expected to step onto the cremation platform and immolate herself.  Apparently, if the woman chooses not to do this, she is, in effect, excommunicated and will probably need to leave Sirius A, as she has questioned ancient practice and custom.  If, however, the woman dies first, the man is not required to commit suttee.  When the male mate dies, the woman’s life is shortened and she will soon fall ill and eventually die in great pain.  It is considered more saintly to step into the fires and prepare to be reborn in a future life.   The Sirians are well aware of reincarnation and the roles that each of us takes in our lifetimes together.

So, perhaps you can guess the fate of my mate?  When my twin and I died in the explosion that destroyed our small starship, both of our mates were required to commit sutee.  This had long been and still is the current practice among high caste Sirians.  What was perhaps worst for my mate was the fact that she was bearing our child, a daughter.  After our daughter was born, my mate entered the fires and died.  The deaths did not end there.  Our family also lost the brother to my mate and her sister, as well as the promised to my younger sister.  Since my sister had not yet mated, she was spared the ordeal of suttee, but she also decided never to marry.  Instead, she dedicated her life to bringing up the daughters of my twin and I.  Also, my elder brother from that lifetime played surrogate father to our daughters.  Today, all the players of this ancient family are being reunited, some as Eagles of Archangel Michael, and some as incarnated starseeds on Earth… as well as I and my sister, Pleiadian walk-ins.  We all know well that death is not the end of life.  Life continues as our storylines weave with that of other souls, through this quadrant and others.

Obviously, for some of the participants of this story, there is still some residual trauma.  I am myself now even clearing my own.  Each individual is responsible for clearing their trauma when it comes up for examination.  This process doesn’t mean you have to re-experience the entire proceedings of your death.  However, I tend to see everything, like I am viewing a movie.  Typically, tears will fall as the emotions pour forth, but I soon regain my composure.  And as I remember I become more whole and healed.  Now I can understand why I was unable to process the deep grief and guilt I felt at leaving my mate to her fate and my child in the hands, although capable, of another relative.  My death and hers were not my fault.

As a recent walk-in, I know some readers might have some difficulty understanding why I am here and why I am working on ancient trauma from various episodes of a war seemingly long forgotten, certainly by humanity.

Well, to answer the questions, I will say that Earth is currently experiencing the final wrap-up of the ancient Star Wars.  The “enemy” is here.  Having died at their hands, I recognize the energy signature and frequency of the Belials, who once attacked my homeworld and those of our galactic allies.  The same beings that are regarded as “the elite” on this planet are those who carry some of the blood of their forebears, the Belials.  Some of these beings are not even human but are capable of shapeshifting enough to hide their true identities as extraterrestrial interlopers.  Others have mixed their blood with Earth humans, whom they regard as inferior and subservient to their own kind.  The aggressive nature of these interlopers has been introduced into the human genome by genetic engineering. All of these unnatural and uninvited beings are in the process of being removed from this solar system.  As the true Earth humans awaken to the fact that their world has been invaded from within, they are finally taking steps to remove these enemies of humanity.  You will know them, the Belials, through their works, their service-to-self nature, and their absolute disdain for the human virtues such as humility, compassion, and cooperation.

Tomorrow, I shall continue on with my personal story of the ancient Star Wars in Part II – Remembrance.

I AM Line Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe, of the Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds

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16 thoughts on “Line Cmdr. Sundeelia: Remembrance

  1. Thank you for sharing more of your story here . It is truly fascinating and gives me ( and other followers of your blog) a feel for your mission in this incarnation.

    blessings, litebeing

  2. “However, I tend to see everything, like I am viewing a movie.”

    Yes, agreed. Dream time is becoming more real to me than my awake time here on Earth. Last night I dreamed I had found lost jewels and I put them into boxes to be stored on the shelves of a library for ‘future folks’, and then I pulled a cart load of rusty old chains to a ship that was waiting for me in very deep water. The ship left without me, and I was devastated, but also watched while those chains disintegrated, and the cart, too!

    I so appreciate your writing, Sundeelia, thank you. Love, Barbara Altea

    • Thank you, Barbara. These remembrances come forth as a kind of waking “dream”. I had to take a nap to relax before the images started coming when I woke up, again. And kept pouring forth. There is much more to come…

  3. Hello Sundeelia…I’ve considered myself to have been Pleiadian & connected in some unknown way to Hindu culture for decades. The Hindu connection showed as a teenager because I so loved the artwork (still do) with the blue-skinned people & I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for 3 1/2 years. I learned about the connection to Sirius from you. Can you tell me why the Sirians would expect women to burn themselves alive? This is so disturbing to me & I am weary of all the violence here & elsewhere. I guess I’m looking for a realm where this & war doesn’t exist. Thank you. Wandalea

    • Good question, Wandalea. I can’t answer it, however, other than it is ancient tradition and expected. Sirians do not consider suttee to be an act of violence towards the woman. It is an accepted custom of an extremely ancient culture. I am not Sirian in this life. I do know that some Sirians do not accept this custom or many others and have chosen to live away from the Sirian star system as a result. These people are considered “outer” Sirians. Many live on Venus and occasionally you will find a Sirian woman as a crew member on a Pleiadian starship. The Pleiadians do not have war in their worlds now, thanks to the sacrifices made by many and the actions of many working together for the good of all.

      BTW, the people of Sirius A do not have blue skins. They are very pale in complexion, so white as to appear bluish… as the skin is somewhat translucent. Typically, the hair color is a white blonde and the eyes green. On the other hand, the people of Osiris (Sirius B) are dark-skinned (similar to some Middle Eastern people) with dark eyes and black hair. The appearance of Lady Isis is typical of a Sirian from Osiris (the name of the isle). They are not Negroid but have very refined facial features, with long, straight noses, large eyes, and high cheekbones. All Sirians, men and women, line their eyes with kohl. Men and women wear earrings. Men wear their hair cut at shoulder length, women wear their hair long.

  4. Thank you Sundeelia. I also resonate with Isis, often wear a silver pendant image of her. I think I would have been one who decided to go live in the Pleiades.

    • It actually depends on what system or isle you belong to as a starseed. When you leave your present physical form, you will either reincarnate on this planet and continue with the lightwork or if you are a First Wave starseed like my sister, Lady Taz, you will re-blend with your Higher Self and return Home. It depends on your individual mission and ability to clear as much karma as possible. Good fortune.

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