Late Headlines and Updates for September 14, 2018: Storms are Manageable and Necessary [videos] ~ September 14, 2018


Hurricane Florence is now a Category 1 storm. This is what I was hoping would happen, based on previous hurricanes the media whipped up into Cat 5s in our minds, when we really didn’t know if that would happen at all. They want to keep people in fear all the time, and anticipating the worst. I believe it’s better to remain optimistic until the situation proves to be worse.

If you prepare for the worst, and anticipate the best, the results are often ameliorated. Our thoughts are powerful, and there are groups doing mass meditations and energy work to diffuse the power of these storms. Olivia shifted south of Hawai’i as only a tropical storm, and we will continue to anticipate in favour of this kind of result.

Sometimes you get what you expect, and that’s why the news stations have alarmists to read their scripts and get people to…

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