Oneness is Here to Stay | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, here is the true story: Oneness alone is true. Greater than Oneness isn’t the whole Truth. The Whole Truth is always simple. How many ways are there to say One? There are more ways to express what is more detailed than to express One, yet, to say One, says it all.

Anything that takes up more space than Oneness is erudite. Complex. We can call it a trip. Simplicity speaks of Oneness. How many ways are there to express Oneness when Oneness is?

In Oneness, We speak of Infinity. We are going for Pure Oneness. One is greater than multiplicity. We can call multiplicity scrambled. Multiplicity can be thrown on the table like jacks that children toss up in the air. In the sense I speak, there can be many jacks thrown out, yet only one essence of jackness. Love is of necessity Oneness. There is no…

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