Numerical Break ~ Fibonacci Numbers hidden in the Mandelbrot Set – Numberphile~ September 13, 2018


Editor’s Note: Need a break from all the chaos out there in the physical, ands perhaps your mental, world right now? This video appeals to the scientist in me showing me the mathematical perfection found in our world. Numbers are spiritual, my friends, with elegance in the lessons we can learn from how numbers can be/are manipulated.

Let’s also consider how numbers have been used to misrepresent by the cabal in an effort to better enslave us by keeping information from humanity! Please watch my next blog for more information about this…just boggles my mind!!

Please take a short break and follow the well presented ideas about how numbers form the basis of our world. Observe how the numerical antenna closely resemble forms found in our brains…and the Universe! For me, this is further “proof” we are indeed all ONE, and…



With Dr Holly Krieger from Murray Edwards…

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