Help MAGA Candidate Eric Brakey of Maine Dethrone Globalist King

Patriots for Truth

By Condor

The controlled local liberal media (print and air waves) continue to protect U.S. Senator Angus King (I) from himself but cracks have been seen. King’s positive ratings recently dropped to 46%. Eric Brakey (R) was up to 29%; the socialist was at 8%; an additional 17% undecided. (Many of them are Trump supporters who do not know Brakey yet).

eric brakeyEric Brakey is hoping President Trump might come to Maine before election day. 

I was listening to a couple of recent Douglas Gabriel’s interviews with Michael McKibben concerning the hijacking of the internet since 1993. They have also repeated the truthful theme concerning how corrupt the Senate Intelligence Committee is.

This particular swamp committee knows the alleged Russian collusion with Trump was set up by Hillary, Obama and top political agents of our respective intelligence agencies.

Now King negotiated his way onto the U.S. Intelligence Committee six years…

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