DIY: Citizens Can Report Election Interference by Media Platforms

AIM Truth Bits

AIM4Truth Charles writes:

I have tried REPEATEDLY to Tweet this news Story and each time it FAILED! Used the auto way as normal when reading articles and used a manual cut and Paste way FAILED So, we have LIMITED FREE SPEECH from Twitter. Can we get this to Trump? AIM is THE BEST Information Producer on the net!

Our reply: Listen up, patriots. The executive order that Trump just signed addresses this kind of election interference. By suppressing our political speech, Twitter is meddling in our elections.

To report this abuse by Twitter, or abuses by any other social media platform, send an email to


Send as many emails to the WH as you see election interferences occur.

There are many ways these entities suppress your political speech – algorithms that suppress viewer counts or search ability, gmails from your favorite political sites that Google continues to re-direct…

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