The Deep State Prepares Counter-Narrative, Truth will Win – Episode1664b

The Deep State Prepares Counter-Narrative, Truth will Win – Episode1664b

X22 Report

We are now seeing an all-out ban on social media platforms. The deep state is trying to hide the truth, they will not succeed. The deep state is preparing to counter the MOAB, they are using projection to show the government uses fake news and Facebook will now tell if a photo or video is real or not. The PM of Iraq will not run for another term. Trump lashes out at Kerry for interfering with government business and wants to know if Kerry has registered as a foreign agent. France is warning if Idlib is attacked the paid mercenaries won’t have any place to go and they will scatter, once again not true, look at the other towns that were liberated, the paid mercenaries were captured, transported by the deep state, what they are worried about is that if Idlib is liberated it is game over.

They’re Here?!

You only noticed now?  “We’ve” been here a long time.


Headlines With A Voice

On Thursday, September 6th, 2018, the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico was evacuated and locked down, the FBI was involved and they did not state the reason for the closure. The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, and a nearby United States Postal Service office, were evacuated for security reasons Thursday, observatory officials said.


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Several International Solar Observatories Have Closed Recently Without Explanation


Thanks to Teresa Yanaros for doing an article on this. I will post the article in full momentarily. But after reading it I thought about how Cobra mentioned that the Light Forces had taken active/passive control of certain spy and telecommunications satellites and now they are transmitting things that they want to be sent. (Note this is just an idea, a possible connection to what might be happening here, it is not intended to be taken as a solid fact):


“…This pertains to Operation Keyhole, an operation of the Light Forces in which they have taken passive / active control of spy satellites and some other aspects of the telecommunications network.

I have mentioned passive control of satellites more than a year ago:

This practically means that spy satellites now send images and data that the Light Forces want them to be sent. Light Forces have…

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C. CAPABLANCA: “Heart and Soul”

Ascension Avatar

Be kind, even when they are unkind to you

Be polite, even when they are rude to you

Be fair, even when they treat you unfairly

Be forgiving, even when they keep on hurting you

Be helpful, even if there is no one to help you

Be genuine, even if they do not appreciate your sincerity

Keep on spreading love, even if you do not get it back

Smile, to all those people who make fun of you, spread rumours about you, and being judgemental, do not worry about them. Even if you try to explain yourself, they will never understand

Do not change according to the behaviour of others. Be as sweetest as you can be! Always remember; it is not between you and others, it is between you and God. No matter how people mistreat you, everywhere you go, God…

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Here is the key

Love's beginning

Imagine that you are living life within a box. You say you want to leave the box, but the lock is on the inside and you are the only one with the key. Today we show you that key. We work with you so you can see it in the palm of your hand. The box is limited and separate identity, and the world you project out from that. The key is the awareness that all of us are joined, and that the world is, indeed, your projection.

Every day, you dip into the well of love that you are, and, using this raw material, you participate in the manufacturing of competing and conflicting illusions within your world.  You can step off the merry-go-round. You can stop projecting conflict and, instead, see through the surface of everything to the force of love that animates it. As you see this, you…

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Activations Of Your Multidimensionality and Metasoul

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

Activations of our multidimensional nature/REALity have been increasing lately with all these geomagnetics, plasma, SOULar light codes, spikes in Gaia’s frequencies, weather storms, ongoing disclosure, etc. These higher frequencies of light illuminate the multidimensional, non-linear, beyond the five senses REALity of existence that reveals itself as you awaken beyond 3D. What 3D has taught of flatness, polarization, one linear reality bound by the illusion of time…..this 3D conditioning collapses and dissolves as the multidimensional SOUL’s consciousness awakens.

How conscious you are of the overlapping realities, experiencing 4D and 5D frequencies and higher, seeing/feeling the parallel timelines that are bleeding through in ALL moments….relates to how unanchored you’ve become from 3D reality, whose primary expression of anchoring comes in the form of undigested traumas in the emotional body and soul. These traumas bind and bound parts of you to repeat out traumatic scenes from this life and other…

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15 September 2018 At Odds — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


Why does no one seem to want to cooperate with us? And why are they saying things that they know might blow everything up? And why does the unhealthy thing seem like our only option? Are you still reading, in spite of my whining tone? Here’s what I think: 1) if you don’t seek power, […]

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