Divine Selfishness

Love's beginning

You have all. We thought you might like to know that. You have All because you are All.

In other words, you are Self-contained, within the whole of the self that includes everything, and ever-expanding, ever creative. Right now, you already have all of the solutions to anything that could possibly face you in this embodiment.

Now go to a moment of stress, contraction or judgment. In those moments, you were kinking the hose to keep yourself from knowing that, from feeling that. We invite you to take responsibility for kinking your own hose in order to keep this 3D experience in place in what you view as reliable and predictable ways. And to remember that the space of one conscious breath is the start to relaxing into well-being again.

Why do you experience these intermittent contractions? It is a sign or a signal of what you still hold onto…

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