How I’m healing my complicated disease with a raw fruitarian diet

Interesting way of eating…

Still Waters

This is one of few categories that makes me nervous to write about. Eating with others, in front of others and sharing how I actually eat is scary for me. With my medical history it’s no wonder. Eating has been excruciating, isolating, and debilitating…why would I want to open up that part of life to the world?

Yet, I love sharing my story, good and bad, with the world because I know it is full of purpose. God is using my experiences to speak to others and for that I’m truly thankful.

Today, I’m sharing openly and honestly about this new healing journey I am on. My prayer is that this inspires even one other person to be courageous, do the work, and never give up. I’m also sharing this because it will hold me accountable to continue on this path.

Okay, here we go… if you’re new to the…

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