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Trumps tweets – Never forget September 11


Twitter     Presidential Tweets


Sep 11, 2018 11:48:49 AM – Small Business Optimism Soars to Highest Level Ever

Sep 11, 2018 10:32:28 AM – #NeverForget #September11th

Sep 11, 2018 07:58:10 AM – 17 years since September 11th!

Sep 11, 2018 07:24:52 AM – Departing Washington, D.C. to attend a Flight 93 September 11th Memorial Service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania with Melania. #NeverForget

911 Trump tweetSep 11, 2018 06:59:08 AM – Rudy Giuliani did a GREAT job as Mayor of NYC during the period of September 11th. His leadership, bravery and skill must never be forgotten. Rudy is a TRUE WARRIOR!

Sep 11, 2018 06:41:33 AM – “ERIC Holder could be running the Justice Department right now and it would be behaving no differently than it is.” @LouDobbs

Sep 11, 2018 06:19:19 AM – New Strzok-Page texts reveal “Media Leak Strategy.” @FoxNews…

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