David Wilcock 9-10-18 Update… “Will “VERY Big” FISA Data Drop Reveal 9/11 Truth?”

The war is real. Stay out of fear. Prepare the best you can and pray as you have never done before… in your own manner. The Light has won; these last steps just need to play out in the physical.

Kauilapele's Blog

This latest update is also from the end of Part 3, where he mentions Benjamin Fulford’s latest (related Kp blog post). He also mentions that the current east-coast-headed hurricane (Florence) might have connections to a last ditch effort by “the cabal” to disrupt things in DC prior to (or at the same time) as damaging information drops are coming out.

And we also have a tropical storm headed Hawaii way, and with winds of 60-70 mph some places, perhaps a key word for all of this, preparedness-wise is: Toilet paper!

Also let us all send Light and Love to these beautiful storms (no matter how they were created) and see them as instruments of Love and Peace for humanity.

“[from Fulford report]: Pentagon sources are saying the next phase in the attack will involve high-level Republicans like former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George Bush Jr.

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