Bernhard Guenther: Parasitic Paramour: Occult Traps Involved In Trying to Manifest a Love Relationship/Partner | Piercing The Veil of Reality

Forever Unlimited

By Bernhard Guenther, September 6, 2018

A few months ago, I was working with a client who got herself into a pretty intense alien love bite/dark side of cupid relationship. The way in which she set herself up was through trying to “manifest her soul mate”. This is not the first case I’ve encountered wherein someone (who’s in desperate need/desire of “finding love”) engages in all kinds of “manifestation” techniques/rituals in order to attract a partner that, in the end, didn’t turn out at all like he/she had hoped it would, EVEN though – at the beginning – it felt and seemed like a “match made in heaven”.

There are various reasons why people are potentially being set up with a Dark Side of Cupid relationship. It ties into occult hostile forces targeting anyone who is on…

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