Headlines and Updates for September 10, 2018: The Storm is Churning [videos] ~ September 10, 2018


Obama referred to Benghazi as a conspiracy theory? These people are pros at making enemies and disrespecting Humanity.

Kris Paronto, Benghazi contractor and hero speaks out on Obama’s remarks.

Natasha shows us a bit of reporting that indicates only 750 people showed up for that speech Obama delivered.

I hope America is aware they need to vote for their local Republican candidate even if they aren’t in love with them because if the Democrats got enough seats, they would unseat the President—and we cannot allow that to happen. The Republicans must control the government.

Anyone in the party who doesn’t the toe the line can be dealt with later, and or will not get their seat again. It’s fixable. As we have seen, the White Hats can be very persuasive…

Right now we have to deal with the big picture, and that means Republicans have to take the country by…

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