New York Times Anon Exposed: Full Admission from the Author’s Mouth & BIG Regret | Amazing Polly [video] ~ September 9, 2018

Joking about “resistance” in the WH is sedition. We’re in a war with the Deep State and its allies within the bowels of the U.S. gov’t, largely thanks to the efforts of Obama. These are the ENEMY. And so is the MSM “fake” news. People have gotten killed defending the POTUS. It isn’t funny. I hope this “author” is jailed.


Here you go. Thank you, Polly, for bringing us this admission of guilt and a new perspective on the anonymous letter.

You will see the source of the letter open the Microsoft file on his computer as proof of authorship.

People don’t seem to understand there is a WAR going on. Attacking the President of the United States in FUN is a dangerous act.

This guy “Floppy Disc” needs a checkup from the neck up. There have been multiple attempts to assassinate the President and people have died protecting him and he and his buddy are writing “humourous” letters to the New York Times suggesting there is dissension within his cabinet???!!!

Wake the hell up, America. Either you’re on the side of the patriots or you’re with the enemy.

In my mind, this confirms that the deep state will seize ANY opportunity to promote their agenda AND capitalize on it…

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