David Wilcock 9-8-18… “Stunning New Briefings:… PART TWO: ‘Disclosure Endgame'”

Editor: I disagree that Obama ever meant to disclose the ETs or attack the Cabal. He is a part of the Deep State. However, this is not about me. David presents his material in his usual exhaustively studious way. Read it and the connected links and make up your own mind.

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Here is Part 2 of David’s new mega-article. In this part, David recalls much of his earlier work about disclosing possibilities of “mass arrests”, the conversation DW had with “Drake”, and how disclosure was actually intended to happen under Obama (in 2009) when he received the Nobel Prize. That was called off when the “Norway spiral” appeared, and would have meant the end of Obama (which I’m sure some would currently applaud (and I am not one of those)). In any event, it is an extremely fascinating story, and an excellent background to what is occurring right now, before our eyes.

It also highlights what many of us, at that time (2009), felt about Obama… that he had come here to bring about “Disclosure”, and that he was from another “realm”, from another star system, who had incarnated to take on that task.

As before, I will post the text…

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