LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Now The Truth Has Come ~ September 7, 2018


By Matthew Taney

There have been many religions, many movements, All claiming to be the ‘right way,’ they have all shared something in common – a male God.

These religions have failed HUmanity.

Now the truth has come, a new movement just when it was meant to.

Mother Earth HAS WON, She will reclaim what is rightfully Hers.

She is not just the Planet, she is incarnated on Earth in HUman form.

You do not have to worship Her, only through Love can you connect with Her.

Only in your own Heart can you commune with Her.

These patriarchal religions in the old paradigm will put resistance up against Mother Nature.

They will fail.

Ultimately She will reign Supreme.

She is the Great Spirit that has given All of us Life.

The Supreme Being.

All patriarchal religions are now dead.

All prophecies have called for this moment.

We are here…

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