Organization and Communication Structure of the Swamp Uncovered

American Intelligence Media

Even a criminal network such as the one we see in the swamp has an organizational and communication structure. We need all White Hats to pay attention to this intel and act accordingly. This is the center hub of their activity – the den of devil, so to speak.

Ordinary citizens will not know what to do with this information. But patriots inside the White House will. Make sure to push this info to the top of your circle of influence. It will get where it needs to go if everyone pushes it “up” through their channels.


The website we point you to says:

Welcome to the Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI) guides! In these guides, you will find information about the Federal Public Key Infrastructure including commonly used links, tools, tips, and information for leveraging the Federal PKI.

Look at 5:00 on this chart

Make sure to…

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