September Creation Energies Are Here: How do We Handle Them? ~ September 5, 2018


Alexander touches on the new energies for the month of September, releasing our 3D selves, and the new Creation process we are all embarked on. The “A Day in 5D: A How-To Guide” Workshop will take place on September 6th at 3 pm ET. It will be last part of the series of webinars set on explaining the origins and foundations of the Fifth Dimension, and leading up to concrete tools and visualization techniques for every day creation of our new reality. This is a new paradigm and it is important to understand the building blocks of this new reality in order to Create without fear. The Indigo Light Channel and Blog continue the commitment to tangible, authentic, and down-to-earth tools and understandings for this new chapter in our collective lives. The Webinar will take place over the course of one hour, including a 15 minute Q&A Session at the…

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Following Mars, Saturn turns to go direct: 7:11 AM EDT tomorrow, September 6 —


So. If, as Mars turned to go direct on August 27, you started to focus on following through with new plans, concocted or detailed during the two month Mars Rx period — but then, over the past few days, sensed your forward motion slow down to a stop, as details you hadn’t noticed carefully enough,…

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Q-Advocate Subpoenaed by Mueller

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed author Jerome Corsi on Wednesday for questioning.

Mueller is going after Roger Stone for his 24 word exchange with Guccifer 2.0 during the 2016 election. To date 80% of Robert Mueller’s junk indictments have been against Russians who will never face a US court because they will never visit the United States.

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Receptivity and Desire: The Great Attractors in the Natal Chart Venus, Chiron, and the Moon — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


A reprint from a January 2013 issue of ECLIPSE: We typically think that we must, in some form, assert ourselves in order to get what we want out of life: we set ourselves on a Path, think of ourselves as seekers, and actively look for those things we imagine will bring us satisfaction. Rarely do […]

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ALIYAH MARR: “Duality’s Equation In The Matrix”

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Have you ever wondered how the Matrix works? How did things get this way and how do you “unplug” from the Matrix? The self-appointed rulers of the Matrix don’t want you to know the following secret: the Matrix takes advantage of the balancing principle of duality, which is a mechanical law, not an ethical one. By keeping people in ignorance of the way reality truly works, the rulers can manipulate the laws of duality to serve themselves and exploit others.

Here is how it works: duality is an equation that must — emphasize must — balance, or the whole system collapses. If you throw a gross thing like obscene wealth on one side of the equation, it needs something of equal weight on the other side, such as abject poverty. But here is the real key:

The two sides of the equation must be equal in weight but not…

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Hot News Day today ~ September 5, 2018


Editor’s Note: LOT’s of news out there today (Thanks J!) as the cabal continues to crumble. Be safe, stay low, prepare with extra supplies for the short haul before our lives get so much better, and…




A company has posted a job ad on seeking “Casualty Role Players” (CRP)” for both a West Virginia National Guard “exercise” on September 8 and an Indiana National Guard training exercise Sept 10-12 that includes a simulated response to a natural/manmade disaster including a structural collapse and/or nuclear, biological or chemical incident.

Keep an eye on this folks; September 11 is right in the middle of that Indiana date range and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that a…

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Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple slapped with class-action lawsuit over conservative censorship ~ September 5, 2018


Editor’s Note: Hmm…it seems the mighty are falling in the world of social media. (Thanks for this alert, J!) News, and more news is starting to be revealed showing how your personal data, and my personal data, have been used for someone else’s profit. Let’s all enjoy how truth is/will be changing our world for the better, and…



Twitter has said that its overzealous downranking of accounts was the result of errors in their system, just three days before CEO Jack Dorsey is set to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the subject of social media censorship.

The company said that in its previous system, accounts determined to have…

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