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It’s like climbing a ladder using every other rung. Oh, all of the rungs are there, perfectly willing to support you. Only you don’t see all of them. Every other rung is cleverly hidden beneath familiar things.

These things are not really physical. These things are emotional. These things are intellectual. They seem so real however, that when you reach for that next rung, it is out of sight & beneath one of these familiar things.
They are now serving as very clever camouflage. Here are their names:

  • Fear
  • Safety
  • Embarrassment
  • Insecurity/Doubt
  • Arrogance
  • Habit
  • Ego
  • Social Programming/Education
  • Role/Status (Self-defined)
  • Memories/Confusion

Now the specific patterning of the camouflage is different for each, yet they are all constructed using some component of at least one of these ten things. That means, in essence, that each covering will vary slightly but is based on a falsehood that hides the truth

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