Late Headlines and Updates for September 1, 2018; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [videos] ~ September1, 2018


Skeletons and dirty laundry aren’t pretty, and they don’t smell good, either. As the septic is emptied, we are going to see, hear and smell some really foul stuff. Every country has its raunchy gonchies stuffed under the bed, the back of top shelf of the closet, behind the washer, and in the trunk of the car.

Before we can move on, we have to face the ugliness that has tainted our civilizations for eons. It’s shocking, it’s frightening, it’s vile and repulsive, but until we drag it all out we can’t move forward. We have to recognize the plagues on Humanity so we never allow them to taint our lives again.

The criminals have been hiding in the shadows, but now that we’re shining a light on them, they can no longer pass for one of us. The disparity between us and them is increasingly apparent.

It’s easier for…

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