Dauntless Dialogue “Breakaway” series, parts 3 & 4… “Tony Rodrigues, ‘SRA*’ and ‘Life on Mars'” (8-12-18, 8-19-18)

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I’ve listened to parts of each of these, and felt it was time to post them here. More data for these apocalyptic times.

This certainly adds to and expands upon what we have learned from other SSP whistleblowers (you know, CG, ES (although neither of those were mentioned in this interview)). The technologies he describes are something to look forward to, as well as the significance of Diego Garcia base.


Published on August 12, 2018


Published on Aug 19, 2018
You may have heard of breakaway civilizations, the Secret Space Programs, or the “20 and Back.” Tony Rodrigues joins us in a new weekly series where we will speak with whistleblowers who claim to have worked in various aspects of the SSP.

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