Update of my Life in the Moment of Now – or – How to immerse my new Self into new Gaia Matrix

Illuminations Now!!

c546c-banner2bgarden_joeySince about a fortnight ago I was advised by my Angelic guides to intiate some break from my continuously working on the PC spreading high vibrational frequencies on my blog and FB-page – I followed this advice at once and from that moment I felt myself as if floating in some void interim passage here …

I must confess it was quite difficult at first as my links to last year’a muxh beloved collaboration of translating messages from the Archangels had to go with this separation as well. It – so far had filled my live almost completely and I got a bit addicted to bathing in the high incoming flood of energies when being on translation of all those wonderful messages. This also entailed some deep-going discussions on spiritual matters with the channel of these messages…

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