LoveHasWon Astrology Update: Mercury Direct ~Communication Upgrades ~ August 18, 2018


Mercury has been in retrograde since July 26th in Leo, wreaking some havoc on our communications and internal perceptions. When Mercury retrogrades, he draws the energy inward so that we can adjust what is out of balance. While Mercury was in Leo, he was interacting with the North Node of destiny. The North Node was transforming the way in which we communicate and express ourselves. 

As he retrograded, he turned our attention to the low vibrational thoughts that take us away from joy, and the discordant ways in which we communicate with others. Leo is empowered and bold in their expression, however, we must still retain our tact and compassion. During this retrograde, we may have blurted things out without taking a moment to center before speaking. We also were made aware of how we allow lower thoughts of doubt, judgement, and thinking we know better, to take us away…

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