Queen’s Doctor Killed in Cycling Crash, Homeopathy Physician Dr Peter Fisher [VIDEO] ~ August 18, 2018

Hmmm, definitely sends up a red flag…


This is a mighty suspicious event, especially after George Bush, Sr.’s physician has also been killed while cycling. What is it about these leader’s health they do NOT want us to know? I say…stay tuned, as many truths about our world will be revealed to us quite soon.

Perhaps the change in power (remember trump and the Queen trading places on the stage after the troop review signifying a change in status) is so disturbing that actions must be taken to control the release of truth. The truth in this case being…who, or what is really the “power behind the throne”?

Please watch this video, know that behind the scenes so much is being prepared for our benefit, and…


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LoveHasWon Astrology Update: Mercury Direct ~Communication Upgrades ~ August 18, 2018


Mercury has been in retrograde since July 26th in Leo, wreaking some havoc on our communications and internal perceptions. When Mercury retrogrades, he draws the energy inward so that we can adjust what is out of balance. While Mercury was in Leo, he was interacting with the North Node of destiny. The North Node was transforming the way in which we communicate and express ourselves. 

As he retrograded, he turned our attention to the low vibrational thoughts that take us away from joy, and the discordant ways in which we communicate with others. Leo is empowered and bold in their expression, however, we must still retain our tact and compassion. During this retrograde, we may have blurted things out without taking a moment to center before speaking. We also were made aware of how we allow lower thoughts of doubt, judgement, and thinking we know better, to take us away…

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MORGAN LEE: “Transformation Through The Five Essences Of Universal Love”

Ascension Avatar

We have experienced some incredible opportunities for major transformation over the 8/8 gateway and pre-eclipse period. Numerous possibilities, depending on where we were at, in our own journeys.

A period of what seemed like extreme chaos, projection, blame, gossip, manipulation, etc. either as the recipient or a perpetrator.

Many wondering what on earth was going on if they were the recipient of this projected chaos not realising that they just needed to make a new choice of self empowerment and letting go, basically choosing love for self, no matter what.

The doors of the old needed to be closed and the time of fence-sitting was done. A choice of love for self was called for, even if this meant letting go of loved one’s, but, in a state of compassion.

As we closed these old doors, very quickly new ones opened and this choice of love for self moved us…

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19 August 2018 Believe It, See It — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


What keeps the Jupiter-Neptune trine perfecting today from presenting a mass delusion, or manifesting as hopelessly confusing or misleading information, fantasy, or deception run amok? It’s that lovely parallel of Venus to Neptune; it keeps our focus on what we value, on what matters, on what’s worthy, to us–and that means optimism plus ideals and […]

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Update of my Life in the Moment of Now – or – How to immerse my new Self into new Gaia Matrix

Illuminations Now!!

c546c-banner2bgarden_joeySince about a fortnight ago I was advised by my Angelic guides to intiate some break from my continuously working on the PC spreading high vibrational frequencies on my blog and FB-page – I followed this advice at once and from that moment I felt myself as if floating in some void interim passage here …

I must confess it was quite difficult at first as my links to last year’a muxh beloved collaboration of translating messages from the Archangels had to go with this separation as well. It – so far had filled my live almost completely and I got a bit addicted to bathing in the high incoming flood of energies when being on translation of all those wonderful messages. This also entailed some deep-going discussions on spiritual matters with the channel of these messages…

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Massive compilation: coreysdigs in to planned solar panel installations across island trade (traffic) routes —


Across a massive three-part series, 44 pages, PDF here, above all, she asks WHY: what is the real agenda behind this seemingly humanitarian endeavor? This series is breathtaking; old-fashioned investigative journalism at its best, tying probability of a known route for human and drug trafficking to a public/private, multi-corporate. multi-governmental scheme to “solarize” islands, i.e.,…

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NEZEL PADAYHAG: “9 Major Signs That Tell You’re An Indigo Adult”

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People who are called for spiritual purposes share almost the same traits.

Yet it’s important that you know what your specific calling is so that it’s easier for you to respond to the call and develop the gifts that you bring but are unaware of.

Indigos have gifts of empathy, precognition, or even emotional healing. They are born with these gifts because the world needs the wisdom they have that can bring a ray of light in this dimming world. Here are the major signs that tell you are an indigo adult.

9 Major Signs You’re An Indigo Adult:

1. You are extremely curious.

You keep asking for the why of things, especially the troubles that are happening around you. You want to know why there is poverty, hatred, conflicts, and disparity.

You don’t accept that there will be a gap between things that’s why you are questioning everything just…

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‘Illegal Rubber-Stamp’ of Keystone XL Stalled as Federal Court Orders Full Environmental Review

Karma Yoga Daily

By Jessica Corbett

h/t Natural Blaze

Rejecting what critics have called the Trump administration’s “illegal rubber-stamp” of the Keystone XL pipeline, a federal court in Great Falls, Montana has sided with opponents of the project and mandated a full environmental impact review for the proposed route.

“The court saw through the sham fast-track environmental review that TransCanada and the State Department were trying to shove past Nebraska landowners and Tribal Nations.”—Mark Hefflinger, Bold Alliance

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Censorship is the New Front in the War on Consciousness

Karma Yoga Daily

By Dylan Charles, Waking Times

At its core, consciousness is the awareness of being aware. Which is extraordinarily relevant to today’s conversation about the internet censorship being openly carried out by big tech and big government.

You see, when looking at this from the microcosmic level, that is, exploring of the vastness of the inner worlds, increasing consciousness is about digging deep with open eyes to uncover the forces, drivers, baggage, patterns, and programming that influences one’s self. It’s about untangling all of this in order to evolve into one’s highest potential.

Extrapolating this to the macrocosmic, the adage ‘as above, so below – as within, so without,’ is key.

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Lifting the Veil of Duality: 3 Key Practices of Self-Mastery

Karma Yoga Daily

By Tamara Rant, Conscious Life News

I believe not only that the Universe is alive, conscious and self-aware, but also that we are an infinite, eternal, ever-expanding part of it, and as we expand we add to the overall expanse of the Universe itself. As our self-awareness and consciousness grow, as does the Universe’s own magnificent vastness. Therefore, it makes sense, to me at least, that to make our mark on this world, we would be wise to learn what makes us expand out; to shine that light within and to never stop reaching for the proverbial stars.

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