What triggers Spiritual Awakening & Why…

Heal YourSelf by Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Okay firstly, if you are like me you might have asked why? How? Especially if yours was sudden and unexpected experience. I personally wasn’t actively doing anything at that time to trigger my awakening, it wasn’t even on my mind, none of this was anything I wanted or thought about then.

You might also ask….

Why we aren’t spiritual awaken since birth?

Well, we were however the way society is structured, is to suppress all that, through mass media hypnosis, manipulated our food, air pollution, suppression of new technologies, and most importantly, suppression of information regarding the true nature of the self and our reality.

Why does spiritual awakening happen?

There are different reasons why spiritual awakening occurs. But from what I experienced and read, it is usually a result of a sudden event/trauma or accumulative trauma.

Sudden event include experiencing a traumatic event such as death, divorce, financial loss…

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