Next News Network 8-16-18… “Facebook Threatened By New Social Network That Will RESTORE Freedom To the Internet”

Excellent. The tech FANG giants are artificial companies, heavily subsidized by the government. They are NOT independent, “private” companies despite the recent denials. If you have any stock in any tech companies, sell it now. The software upon which these websites run was stolen from the developer, Leader Technology by Deep State agents within the U.S. Patent Office and IBM Eclipse Foundation. None of the so-called developers like Mark Zuckerberg or his compatriots did anything to build these companies. Listen to American Intelligence Media videos and read articles that prove this contention.

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I’ve heard of, and I know may bloggers, video makers, use it. It’s based on blockchain technology. I’ve not yet signed up for this, but it may be something some wish to consider. The founder says that they are working on a network of social media alternatives to the big ones (FB, Google, Twitter).

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