Senator Warner Goes All-Out w/Internet Bill: Scraping the 1st Amendment

Senator Warner Goes All-Out w/Internet Bill: Scraping the 1st Amendment

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Another website has been taken down. The Fellowship Of The Minds site is a thing of the past. Gone. Wiped from the face of the internet. Zero Hedge published on Monday, Senate Democrats led by Virginia Senator Mark Warner are circulating a proposal for EU-style censorship of the internet in the US. Their proposal is based on their claim that Russian hacking will completely take over the internet and social media to influence US elections.

Editor Note:  All the Democrats seem to be able to say these days is: “Russia, Russia, Russia”, when they are the ones actually colluding with foreign agents and managing the narrative through mainstream media.

3 thoughts on “Senator Warner Goes All-Out w/Internet Bill: Scraping the 1st Amendment

  1. It’s frightening if they were really given no warning! I wonder if they were told to remove defamatory info first and refused. A reminder that we should all remember to back up everything. However, Fellowship of the Minds was probably taken down due to legal action about that defamatory post alleging bestiality. Or some similar case(s). However, only the defamatory post(s) should have been taken down and not the entire blog. There are limitations to free speech even in America and not all Word Press servers are in America – they are all over the place. Defamation isn’t acceptable unless it is proven true. While Word Press tries to protect people one blog was removed that I think asked legitimate questions about a mining company. An Irish judge was trying to unveil the blogger, as well, though Word Press tried to protect them. However, due to legal action the blog itself was removed. In that case the blog was one post. But it was a legitimate post asking legitimate questions. People do get by with defaming public officials in America which is illegal most places. Most Americans are hesitant to take action for defamation because we cherish free speech but sometimes it is necessary. In America there are more rights to criticize and mock public officials. Elsewhere it appears to be the opposite. Having watched Zero Hedge through the years I do now believe it is a Kremlin disinfo front, though as far as I know RT news is still online. Even one article that they wrote which I thought was unique and useful I recently found was most likely defamatory bunk meant to confuse and cover for the real culprit. However, the real question is why no one else is following the case – a major court case about which I can find almost no info. Internet services around the world do take down internet sites all the time on security grounds, we just never worry about it because its usually Islamic extremists. Or people promoting pedophila or bestiality or about cooking and eating people, etc. For legal action some people forum shop and since Word Press servers are located all over the blog may have been removed under some other laws. Zero Hedge is in Bulgaria. Not sure what their free speech and rights look like. And, yes, it’s a problem of where do you draw the line. I tend to think the best cure is more free speech not less. I will have to see what Warner is up to. Thanks for your vigilance. The road to hell can be paved with good intentions, as well as bad ones.

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