4 thoughts on “The Light Collective on Who is Here and Why

  1. Dearest Taz, Sunny and Eliza, Thank you for posting this. For so very long, I have been wanting to go Home, while at the same time doing the best that I can as an Arcturian Star Seed to come to terms with my mission and the good intrinsic in that sometimes very confusing mission for not only Gaia, but for All That Is. And as I read this post, I realized that it is not me going Home, it is Home coming to me. How long that will take, I have no idea because linear time in 3D is very slow to bring to reality the Love that we hold. Thank you, too, for mentioning Quan Yin, though I do not know her, or at least I don’t remember any relationship, my heart tells me it was right that I be reminded of her. So, Home is coming to us, and if that does not make sense to many, that is all right, as it makes sense to me. Love, Barbara Altea

    • Lady Quan Yin is regarded by the Chinese as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She is a Master of the Seventh Ray and Bodhisattva. Currently, she is also serving as the Lady of the World, or Logos, since Sanat Kumara has returned to his home world of Venus.

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