The Last Frontier: The Soul within

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw (originally published on August 12, 2015)

The Last Frontier: The Soul within

Will we survive our modern world?…

The age of discovery is over. Just over a century ago, we could still explore unmapped lands, encounter uncontacted tribes, discover an unrecorded species of animal or plant, name an unknown star, write a book that would make history, invent a simple device that would change lifestyles, pick gold nuggets in the rivers or found a new city. Nowadays, rare are the wild summits not yet conquered, few places left on our planet have not been explored, studied, claimed and actually exploited for their ressources.

While two to four thousand new species are still discovered each year, mainly on the microscopic scale, two hundred disappear every day in a dramatic depletion of biodiversity comparable in scale to a mass extinction level event, due mainly to Human activities, including climate change…

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