Remembering Infinity

Meme featuring one of the many curious “17” (or “Q”) references posted to the Internet.


As I previously mentioned, lots of things were happening on the “Q”/4-Chan front.  The mysterious “Q” continued making cryptic posts, Anons would question the Q information drops (often referred to as “breadcrumbs”) and a great deal of analysis, discussion, and the ever-present opposition resulted.

For those unfamiliar with the discussion board process on 4-Chan, discussions are only allowed to continue for a limited time.  Once they reach a certain point, most often determined by the number of posts in a discussion, they are “closed” and archived.  For continuity of the discussions, technically savvy Anons (that is, those familiar with the discussion board process) would start a new discussion under the same name.  The new discussion host (or moderator) was often referred to as the “baker” and the new discussion board was…

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