NOW THEY ALL LOSE! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening ~ August 11, 2018

Things just got (more) serious…


Editor’s Note: This is a “just-in” report from J., who is keeping tabs on political news as more, and more, and more political truth is revealed on the SGT Report. Is your popcorn ready? I do believe it’s time to enjoy the show (finally!). Please digest this long article, and…


From Neon Revolt:

Things just got serious.

For those who don’t know, #QAnon’s tripcode got cracked today, and while we’ll get into the details of that in a bit, I think this is important, just so we can understand the scale of this #InvisibleWar raging around us:

Doomsday planes? What are those??

O-oh… T-thanks, planefags…

This planefag showed up after Q had started dropping

Ah, the “Red Dinner.”

I never get tired of watching these “elites” sweat.

That said, read this drop in light of some details that emerged about last night’s Clinton Foundation drop, which…

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