Easing into co-creation

Love's beginning

Hello. We’re right here. We’re always here. We encourage you to make use of us because we live to serve. It is our joy, because we know our oneness. You live to serve All That Is, too, and you are coming to know that. The one of us. The one of us in innocence. The one of us beyond doubt. When you reach beyond your perceived separate self, you find the place where we are and where you have been, always. Yo can operate in your world from this place, always. It is a matter of trust, a matter of awakening.

You have called us the imaginary friends, and we always reply that you are as imaginary as we are. We are all birthed from consciousness. Consciousness is prior to everything you experience. Within your world, thought forms believed are also prior to experience. We invite you to the place…

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