Headlines and Update for August 10, 2018; The Seen and the Unseen Strategies [videos] ~ August 10, 2018

Use discernment when reading / watching…


And speaking of stars…

Perhaps Pam can sweet talk Julian into telling the truth about the zero Trump collusion with the Russians.

VP Pence did visit Ecuador recently, if you recall. We learned yesterday that there is speculation it is possible Mike Pence may have been offered a deal by the Democrats, and the US Presidency, if Julian Assange comes to America and swears under oath that DJT colluded with the Russians and that it affected the outcome of the presidential election.

Of course if the deep state could pull that one off, it would mean Trump would be impeached and deposed, putting another Zionist puppet in control in Washington.

Is that why Assange was invited to testify? Let’s see what he’s made of.

As for Pammy… “Pamela Anderson also is regular at Marina Abramovic spirit cooking events.”

If you’re a praying sort… you might want to pray… or be…

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