#QAnon #Q Posts 1826, 1827 (8-9-18)… “More MSM panic attacks (on Devin Nunes, this time)” and “PREVIEWS ARE OVER. SHOWTIME!”

Devin Nunes is one of the few true patriots in the House of Representatives, which is why he is under full-scale attack right now from the MSM.

Kauilapele's Blog

The choreographed “echo chamber” of the MSM is once again in full view, with Q posting a huge list of msm outlet links to attacks on Devin Nunes.

And this happens on top of the 8-1-18 “attacks on Q” by msm, the 8-2-18 Q post with a “glimpse of what to expect” from the msm, and the 8-6-18 Q warning about “Fake News ‘KNOWINGLY FALSE’ narrative pushes” by msm.

“Deep State Desperation Time, anyone?” And it sounds like the “BIG SHOW” is about to begin.

As with all of these Q postings, feel free to continue to “Use that Higher Discernment, baby!” (namely, see what resonates). BTW, the https://qanon.pub/ link now redirects to https://qanon.app/.

[Q has a new tripcode… !A6yxsPKia. And here is the other “Q post collection” website mentioned in another post: https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub//, AND now, https://qanon.app/.]

[Kp note: because the list in 1826 is…

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